Treatment for Psoriasis


Treatment for Psoriasis - Healing Touch Psoriasis Treatment

Treatment for Psoriasis the Organic Way

Specially formulated to soothe the irritation caused by skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The unique blend of fatty acids in argan oil have been shown to have a highly beneficial effect in relieving psoriasis. Healing Touch Treatment for Psoriasis works in harmony with the body to harness the therapeutic power of herbs and botanticals known for their ability to effectively heal skin conditions.

Cardiospermum, or balloon vine as it is commonly known, is infused in vitamin rich oil, along with anti-inflammatory herbs chickweed, chamomile and calendula. We blend this with pure argan oil and rooibos infusion to promote healing and calm the itchy skin associated with psoriasis. Rooibos tea has long been used in South Africa as a natural facilitator for healthy skin.

100% natural and non-steriodal, paraben and SLES free. Suitable for use on children over 3 and adults.

Our Healing Touch Treatment for Psoriasis is handmade in small batches and supplied in a 50ml jar.