Cream for Eczema


Cream for Eczema – Arganorganics Healing Touch

Cream for Eczema – Soothing Eczema the Natural Way

Healing Touch cream for eczema from Arganorganics helps soothe and calm the skin.

Research has shown that the unique fatty acid composition of argan oil is extremely beneficial in the treatment of eczema which is why we have created Healing Touch, a special argan oil based cream for eczema:

Cream for Eczema

Healing Touch also contains cardiospermum, the anti-inflammatory herb, and rooibos infusion. Rooibos of red bush tea has for many years been used as a natural treatment by eczema sufferers.

Healing Touch cream for eczema is extremely effective in reducing redness and itching. Don’t take our word for it. Click the link below to read our Amazon reviews:

Cream for Eczema - Reviews

It’s 100% natural and non-steroidal, paraben and SLES free. Suitable for use on children over 3 and adults.

Healing Touch psoriasis treatment is handmade in small batches and supplied in a 50ml jar.